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We use Proxmox for KVM VPS hosting, which comes with control panel accessible in your private server’s client area for easy management of the VPS for snapshots, backups, and reinstall via custom ISO’s.

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Data Encryption

Our VPS hosting company in Florida uses KVM virtualization which provides preboot support via noVNC. This allows for full disc encryption support for LUKS and windows based OS.


We offer a vast assortment of license upgrades. cPanel, Litespeed, kernelcare, CloudLinux, Immunify360, and etc. To help you maximize uptime and security on your private server.

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DDoS Protection

What the Server in Florida has Free DDoS and WAF IP protection on our private servers via Data center.

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Frequently Asked Questions

VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. A VPS hosting is a server, with its own copy of operating system and allocated server resources, within a bigger server.

If your migrating from another cPanel server to a cPanel VPS with us we will handle the migration at no cost for annual registrations. Otherwise the site will need to be uploaded via FTP/SFTP after the OS is installed.

If a template based OS was selected upon checkout your OS will be provisioned with random root password and if SSH public key was provided you can login directly as root and set a new root passwd. If an ISO was selected on checkout the OS will need to be installed via noVNC webapplet. This will ensure the passwords are all securely set by you and not known by us. We do offer OS install upon request for those not familiar with installing from ISO.

A VPS is like purchasing a PC for gaming or doing work etc. Think about the intended end us and buy one that has the space and ram needed to handle the demands you anticipate. You can always upgrade ram and cores without a reinstall, but the HDD is not easy to upgrade without a reinstall for most OS's. So definitely plan accordingly and buy more HDD to allow for growth. We can do custom plans if desired if our default plans do not meet your needs.

We do not block any ports by default or filter traffic.

YES, we DO offer it at this time.

We do offer RDNS/PTR records. Please request the desired values after signup and we can set those records for you.

We support over 40+ Operating systems. We also can load a custom iso for installation upon request.

Yes you can choose cPanel-Centos7 template along with a Cpanel license during checkout. Our cPanel template is highly optimized with the best settings for Perfect Forward Secrecy the best SSL ciphers support and comes with memcached daemon and PHP extensions setup for all versions of PHP. Also has Imagick support for all PHP 7.x versions already preconfigured. Spend less time configuring and more time building your website.

At this time by default all our VPS plans are "unmanaged". We will install base Operating system for Ubuntu/Debian/Centos via template or via ISO(Upon request) and pass you the login. Anything further that's required will need to be installed and managed on your own after that. We are passing this savings onto you. If looking for Management please contact us with your requirements for a quote.