Our Keep it Stupid Simple Privacy Policy

We only collect the bare minimum information necessary to process your order

What this means. If paying via PayPal or credit card the client area account details need to match the PayPal or credit card account information or the payment will fail.

The only other time that valid information would be required is for domain registrations as the registrar’s do tend to verify the contact information and suspend domain till verified.

If paying via cryptocurrency we do not need to verify you to verify the payment. So when paying with cryptocurrencies all you need is an email that works to receive updates and for the account login.

We highly encourage signing up over tor/proxy and using anonymous cryptocurrencies like XMR aka Monero and using placeholder information upon signup.

We regularly prune all activity logs in the WHMCS system database and old clients are pruned when inactive.

We never sell/trade/share your information with any third party.

If served with a valid subpoena we will comply to the best of our ability. If using anonymous signup methods like encouraged above there is no information to provide that would be of benefit.

For our VPN service it is 100% logless and we have no way to identify any users on our service in any way. So if asked for activity/source ip/packet/session logs for this we would not have anything to provide.

Please also see our ToS.