Ultimate DreamLeecher (seedbox+usenet+streaming)

Recommended Specs
kvm virtualization
Debian Squeeze Desktop
2-4 cpu cores
2GB ram
100GB+ hdd preferably
Unmetered Bandwith preferably or around 5-10TB range

Please note:Usenet is not Free you have to have an account. We suggest Astraweb $11/mo or FastUsenet.org $9.95/mo plan. If your sharing your box via group buy this is best way to save everyone some cash as the usenet will be accessible for everyone from only one acct Usenet>server and User downloads from server via encrypted ssh(sftp).

Also when looking for a nice server make sure they have fast raid or san or your box is gonna suck from the hard disc io issues most oversold vps companies have issues with this.

Debian OS squeeze with gnome gui+openssh while installing your main user acct should be seedbox
#apt-get update
#apt-get upgrade
#apt-get install htop screen git -y

Setup nxclient/server/node For advanced Remote GUI/RDP usage


Download all three via gui in vnc and install them gdebi installer (right click menu)
then exit vnc and use nxclient with the ip and use your ssh login for seedbox

Setup sshfs+fuse
#apt-get install fuse
to install on windows > http://www.soldierx.com/tutorials/SSHFS-Mount-remote-file-system-SSH-15-minutes

Users & Group Setup
Use the root terminal for this or via ssh as root
create all users  notate there passes in a note somewhere safe till your done this will be there ftp/sftp/ssh login
#adduser username
#passwd username

Add all users from above to group seedbox including user seedbox
to add an exiting user to an existing group…  reading material > http://www.cyberciti.biz/faq/howto-linux-add-user-to-group/

Add user “seedbox” to group “seedbox”
#usermod -a -G seedbox seedbox

Example format
#usermod -a -G groupname username



Warning!!! Please understand the risks of editing passwd file via nano
If you would like your users all dropped into downloads folder in seedbox downloads folder when logging in via filezilla(sftp,ftp) you can do a slight hack to the passwd file as root
#nano /etc/passwd

Find the usernames lines near bottom you created earlier.
What well be doing is changing there default home dir to the downloads in /home/seedbox/Downloads folder

For each user change there path

So this would turn

into this

Now right click the “Downloads” folder/directory and click permissions when logged in as seedbox user and set to for both user and group to “Create and delete files” and then apply to all subfolders and directories

Owner  section
Folder access to :Create and delete files

Group section
Folder access to :Create and delete files

Others section
Folder access to :None

Now inside seedbox’s Downloads folder add 2 folders these will eb your watch folders for rutorrent and usenet when you set them up later.

Another Great idea is to create category folders this will be useful farther on down the line for both Rutorrent and Sabnzbd
Pron(if applicable)

Rutorrent setup
http://whattheserver.me/billing/knowledgebase.php?action=displayarticle&id=38 for rutorrent install
-select apache for webserver
-do not choose a control panel ie webmin select NO
-htaccess pass and choose user seedbox for running the rtorrent and for webgui

after rutorrent install go to /home/seedbox/ and click show hidden files or use terminal/putty
#nano /home/seedbox/.rtorrent.rc

now you need to set downloads to proper directory
change this line from “directory = /home/seedbox/downloads/”
to this “directory = /home/seedbox/Downloads/”

Next change the watch directory from “/home/seedbox/rtorrent/watch/”
To  “/home/seedbox/Downloads/torrent-watch/”

now to save the file via ctrl+x then enter to save and exit

Now kill rtorrent
#killall -9 rtorrent

Now start rtorrent via terminal (make sure you are in /home/seedbox/ dir)
#cd /home/seedbox/
# screen -m -d rtorrent

Install Sabnzbdplus on Debian Squeeze
Install ppa repo for sabnzbdplus> http://wiki.hackspherelabs.com/index.php?title=SABnzbd

#echo "deb http://ppa.launchpad.net/jcfp/ppa/ubuntu lucid main" | tee -a /etc/apt/sources.list
#apt-key adv --keyserver hkp://pool.sks-keyservers.net:11371 --recv-keys 0x98703123E0F52B2BE16D586EF13930B14BB9F05F
#apt-get update
#aptitude --with-recommends install sabnzbdplus

Installing SickBeard

To Install the applications we’re going to use the GIT command which will download and install the programs for us, please note that each of these applications can be quite system intensive and you should only install the required items.

To install SickBeard we’d run the following command:

#git clone git://github.com/midgetspy/Sick-Beard.git


to start Sickbeard

#python Sick-Beard/SickBeard.py -d

To Setup and configure Sabnzbd + Sickbeard please see this excellent post
(Note both should already be installed from above.

So just use this post for intial setup & configuring) > http://forum.xbmc.org/showthread.php?tid=120406&pid=993781#pid993781

Subsonic (For Streaming)

Please note: Subsonic uses alot of cpu and it might put too much strain on your server if your specs are not that great as it transcodes on the fly.
Subsonic install > http://www.subsonic.org/pages/installation.jsp#debian
Download the deb > http://www.subsonic.org/pages/download2.jsp?target=subsonic-4.7.beta3.deb

-login as admin and admin for user pass
-change admin pass
-add users
-add source folders most likely the ones you created above for Movies TV Music

Q.Rtorrent crashed or says port scgi or something
A.To restart rtorrent login as seedbox via terminal/putty “screen -m -d rtorrent”

Q.I can’t access any ports or webpages?
A. login as root and “iptables -F” then “service iptables save” to flush and save empty firewalls.

Other ideas you can make use of on your box
Openvpn server

Use the ssh login as a ssh+socks5 proxy if you want something like that checkout Bitvise tunnelier and you can use that with Foxy Proxy and white listing so you can visit your trackers with same ip as seedbox natively anywhere.

Teamspeak server for users to chat and voice


Happy Leeching